Thesis/Dissertation Forms

Other Forms

Thesis/Dissertation Forms

Below are links to Thesis and Dissertation forms.  Please check with your Graduate Program Director/Coordinator or Advisor to see which forms are appropriate for you and when they should be used.

Forms are built as a fillable PDF and should be used appropriately whenever possible. 

All completed forms should be submitted to:

Program of Study

  • Must be completed and submitted in the first or second semester.

Committee Approval

  • Must be completed early in the program, once committee members are identified.
  • Form must be completed in the semester in which the committee is formed.
  • The Chair of the committee must be KSU Graduate Faculty associated with your program.
  • Masters Thesis committees are normally three member committees, at least two of which should be KSU Graduate Faculty.
  • Doctoral Dissertation committees are normally five member committees, at least three of which should be KSU Graduate Faculty.

Proposal Approval

  • Must be completed and submitted by the end of the semester the dissertation or thesis proposal has been approved.

Candidacy Approval

  • Must be completed by the end of the semester after comprehensive exams have been passed.

Dissertation/Thesis Defense

  • Must be completed after the dissertation or thesis has been successfully defended, and must be submitted a week before grades are due (to ensure adequate time to enter it into the system).

Final Submissions

  • Should be completed when the final version of the dissertation or thesis is ready to be submitted for publication in the Digital Commons.
  • Follow the directions at the Digital Commons to upload your thesis/dissertation.  The Digital Commons will notify The Graduate College when your submission is complete.


Other Forms

Regents Graduate Out of State Tuition Waiver

Use this form if:

  • You wish to request a waiver of the out-of-state portion of graduate tuition

Petition to Be Reinstated After Academic Dismissal

Use this form if:

  • You were academically dismissed and wish to be reinstated 
    (Save the form to your computer, fill it out, then print or attach to an email. Form should be returned to the Assistant Dean for the Graduate College, at

Graduate Certificate In Leadership And Ethics Intent To Enroll Form

Use this form if:

  • You are planning to enroll in the Leadership and Ethics Graduate Certificate program.

  • Print the form, complete the form and send it to the Office of Graduate Admission

Leave of Absence Form

A leave of absence provides a mechanism for students experiencing unusual circumstances to be exempt temporarily from the continuous enrollment policy. The Leave of Absence is required if a student is enrolled in Thesis or Dissertation hours only. A leave of absence requires approval of the Graduate Program Coordinator and The Graduate College. A leave of absence will be granted only for good cause such as serious medical and health-related issues, major financial and employment issues; pregnancy, childbirth, child care, elder care, and other significant family issues; and other major personal circumstances that interfere with the ability to undertake graduate study.

Request for Change of Major

Use this form if you wish to change your Major. Once you have completed the form please email form to PLEASE NOTE: The form must be submitted no later than four weeks prior to the beginning of the semester. 

Graduate Application for Readmission

Use this form if:

  • You were enrolled in a graduate program at Kennesaw State University, but have not enrolled in classes for at least three consecutive semesters, including Summer term
  • Save the form to your computer, fill out the form, then save completed form and email to

Deadlines: Fall semester July 1st, Spring semester Nov 1st, Summer semester Apr 1st