GRA Job Board


The GRA Job Board will NOT post every GRA position.  It only has postings for faculty that have not already identified a student.  Most faculty network with students in the graduate program for which they teach to find the most qualified student to hire.  The best advice is to stay in contact with your Graduate Program Director/Coordinator and make them aware of your desire to hold an assistantship as well as the skillset you can provide a faculty member. 


To see faculty postings for graduate assistantship positions please go to  You will login with your NetID and Password.  Then click on "GRA Job Postings - Fall 2018" to see a list of the current positions for which faculty are seeking students.

Graduate Students if you see a position you would like to apply for be sure to note if the posting requires documents to be uploaded such as a resume, recommendations, transcripts, etc. 

Please follow these steps within the Job Board to apply for a position:

Make sure you "enroll" in the course named "GRA Spring 2019".  This allows you to do the steps below.

1. Click on the name of the department for which you are interested in applying, such as "Civil and Construction Engineering"
2. There will be the description and the text of what they would like you to submit.
3. Then there is a link to a pdf that contains some additional information that the faculty member submitted when requesting a student.
4. Below that there is a section with the heading "Submission Status". It contains some information about the status of your submission for this position.
5. Below that is a button that should say "Add submission". This will allow you to upload documents in support of applying for the position.
6. When you have finished uploading there should also be a "submit" button, be sure to click that when you have submitted the needed documents.

Graduate Faculty please verify with your Graduate Program Director, Department Chair, Dean or other unit official that you have been awarded an assistantship before posting a position. Use this form to post your need for a Graduate Student on the GRA Job Board.  Download the form to your computer first, then complete the form and send it to David Baugher at  You will receive a follow-up message describing how to view any students that may have applied for your position.

Hiring for Spring semester will open November 1, 2018 and close December 1, 2018.