Three Minute Thesis

2023 3MT Competition

An 80,000 word thesis would take 9 hours to present.  Their time limit...3 minutes

The Three Minute Thesis (3MT™) is a research communication competition developed by The University of Queensland.

The exercise develops academic, presentation, and research communication skills and supports the development of students’ capacities to effectively explain their research in language appropriate to an intelligent but non-specialist audience.

Master’s and Doctoral students have three minutes to present a compelling oration on their thesis or dissertation topic and its significance. 3MT™ is not an exercise in trivializing or ‘dumbing-down’ research but forces students to consolidate their ideas and crystallize their research discoveries.

3MT Bootcamp

The focus of the bootcamp is to Find your topic, Write your script, Build your slide

Kennesaw Campus:

  • Date/Time: January 19, 2023; from 3:00pm to 5:00pm
  • Location:  Academic Learning Center, Room 5500
                       480 Bartow Avenue, Kennesaw, GA 30144
  • Registration:  Please click here for registration

Marietta Campus:

  • Date/Time: February 9, 2023; from 3:00pm to 5:00pm
  • Location:  Marietta Campus Atrium Rm J-381,
                       680 Arntson Drive, Marietta, GA 30060
  • Registration:  Please click here for registration

3MT Competition Registration and Dates

  • Date: April 6, 2023 at 5:30pm
    • During Graduate Student Appreciation Week (April 3-7, 2023)
  • Location: HS 1103 - Prillaman Health Sciences Building
  • Deadline for Registration & Slide Submission: March 23, 2023


  • Currently enrolled master's and doctoral students at Kennesaw State University will be eligible to participate.
  • Students that have already graduated are not eligible.
  • Students should have key results in their presentation; thesis or dissertation should be mostly complete.


  • A single static PowerPoint slid is permitted. No slide transitions, animations or “movement’ of any description are allowed.
  • The slide is to be presented from the beginning of the oration.
  • No Additional electronic media (e.g. sound and video files) are permitted.
  • No additional props (e.g. costumes, musical instruments, laboratory equipment) are permitted.
  • Presentations are limited to 3 minutes maximum and competitors exceeding 3 minutes are disqualified.
  • Presentations are to be spoken word (e.g. no poems, raps or songs)
  • Presentation are to commence from the stage.
  • Presentations are considered to have commenced when the presenter starts presentation through either movement or speech.
  • The decision of the adjudicating panel is final.

Registration Form 

Panel of Judges

  • Dr. Phaedra Corso - VP of Research KSU
  • Dr. Amy Buddies - Director of Undergraduate Research KSU
  • Ms. Mary-Kay Boler - Senior Director, Corporate & Foundation Relations - KSU

Judging Criteria

  • Two levels of judging: 
    • Dissertation Students
    • Thesis Students
  • Communication style: was the thesis topic and its significance communicated in language appropriate to an intelligent but non-specialist audience? did the presentation clearly describe the key results of the research including conclusions and outcomes? did the presentation follow a clear and logical sequence?
  • Comprehension: did the presentation help the audience understand the research? did the speaker avoid scientific jargon, explain terminology and provide adequate background information to illustrate points?
  • Engagement: did the presentation make the audience want to know more? Did the presenter convey enthusiasm for their research? Did the presenter capture and maintain their audience's attention? Did the PowerPoint slide enhance the presentation? i.e was it clear, legible, and concise



1st Place  $1,000

2nd Place  $750

Peoples Choice $350


*Awards are subject to taxes.

Preparation Resources