Graduate College: Student Forms

These forms allow current students to make changes to their degree plans. Forms include readmission, reinstatement, and leave of absence, as well as changes to majors or catalog year.

ALL of these forms are fillable PDF forms and should be completed and submitted as such. Download the form, SAVE, complete the form and use electronic signature (student), SAVE and submit to upon completion.

You will receive a response through your KSU email within 2-3 weeks. 

Graduate Application for Readmission

If you were enrolled in graduate classes, but have not enrolled for at least three consecutive semesters, including Summer term, and wish to be readmitted submit this form.

If you were accepted into a graduate program but did not attend please complete the Update Form through the Office of Graduate Admission.

If your KSU email is deactivated, we will contact you through your personal email. For readmission only.

Readmit Deadlines: Fall semesters-July 1st, Spring semesters-Nov 1st, Summer semesters-Apr 1st

Petition to Be Reinstated After Academic Dismissal

Complete this form if you were academically dismissed and wish to appeal for reinstatement. You will be notified via your KSU email when a decision has been made. 

Leave of Absence Form

For students experiencing unusual circumstances, a leave of absence can be requested. Note, an approved Leave of Absence is required for students enrolled in Thesis or Dissertation hours only. This form requires approval of the Graduate Program Coordinator and The Graduate College. Once your coordinator has approved email to 

See the Graduate Catalog Academic Policies for more information.

Program Change Forms:

*All program change forms must be submitted no later than four weeks prior to the beginning of the semester

Request for Change of Program to MS in Cyber Security ONLY
Request for Change of Program to the Bagwell College of Education ONLY
Request for Change of Program to All Other Programs

To change a major if you are currently enrolled in graduate coursework complete this form. Not all programs will accept the Request for Change of Major form.

If you are currently in the application process and wish to change your application major please email

Request for MBA Concentration

Request for Add-On Certificate

Request for Change of Catalog Year

Current students who wish to change from their current catalog year.