Graduate Assistantships

Request Process for Summer 2018

1. Graduate faculty may submit a Competitive Review GRA Request Form beginning March 12, 2018.

2. Please save the form to your desktop first.  Complete the form electronically and save it again.  Digital signatures on the form are strongly preferred.  If that is not possible, send the form electronically and then print the form for signatures and send the hard copy as a follow-up.  The form must be sent to

3. The deadline to submit the Request form is Friday, March 30, 2018.

4. A committee of graduate faculty will review and score proposals using the scoring rubric found here.

5. Graduate faculty will be notified if they are awarded an assistantship no earlier than April 23, 2018.

6. Once awarded, faculty may hire a graduate student.  The hiring deadline is May 11, 2018.  This is a firm deadline.  Hiring paperwork and procedures can be found here.


Request Process for Fall 2018/Spring 2019

There are three routes to request an assistantship

    Competitive Review
    Other Funding
  • Purpose
    To fund graduate students assisting faculty in pursuing funded external research.
    To arrange for graduate students to participate in strategic activities directly benefitting the university graduate enterprise, that may not be purely research, including teaching assistants.
    To fund graduate students assisting faculty in research or other strategic initiatives.
  • Stipend Funding Source

    The Graduate College
    The Graduate College
    Units other than The Graduate College, internal and external to the university.
  • Tuition Funding Source
    The Graduate College
    The Graduate College
    The Graduate College
  • Eligible to Supervise Graduate Student
    Must be supervised by the Graduate Faculty member proposing and awarded the assistantship.
    Can be co-supervised with a Graduate Faculty member in the student's program.
    Can be co-supervised with a Graduate Faculty member in the student's program.
  • Expectation of Description of Position/Project

    1. Must have learning objectives that tie to the student’s graduate program and enhance their academic objective.

    2. Must have a primary job duty requiring application of knowledge acquired in a bachelor’s degree program.

    3. The rubric can be found linked here.

  • Review Body for Position/Project

    Faculty Committee

    The Graduate College and Faculty Committee
    The Graduate College
  • How to Request
  • Call for Proposals Opens

    March 12

    March 12

    March 12

  • Call for Proposals Closes

     April 13

     April 13

    July 15

  • Decisions Announced

    May 23

    May 23


  • Fall 2018 Hiring Opens

    June 1*
    *May hire and complete/submit paperwork earlier, but paperwork will not be processed until after July 1st.

  • Fall 2018 Hiring Closes

    August 1

  • Spring 2019 Hiring Opens

    November 1

  • Spring 2019 Hiring Closes

    December 1

Please select the correct form from the chart above and save the form to your desktop first.  Complete the form electronically and save it again.  Digital signatures on the form are strongly preferred.  If that is not possible, send the form electronically and then print the form for signatures and send the hard copy as a follow-up.  The form must be sent to 




You will find information from the student's point of view here.

Overview of Graduate Assistantship Policies

  • Graduate students can be hired on a one or two-semester contract. The assistantship can be for the fall, spring, fall and spring or summer semester.

  • To be eligible as a Graduate Assistant, qualifications are as follows:

    • Have received an undergraduate degree;
    • Have applied for and been fully accepted to a graduate degree program of study;
    • Have maintained a 3.0 grade point average in any current/previous graduate
      course work;
    • Have maintained a 3.0 graduate point average in any previous undergraduate course work if a first semester graduate program student.
    • It is the Graduate Faculty Project Supervisor or Program Director’s responsibility to verify student’s eligibility requirements. The student’s advising guide from the Owl Express Student Information System should be used to verify the GPA requirement prior to every application packet submission.
    • Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA’s) will be a Teacher of Record (TOR) and must meet all of the above requirements and have a master’s in the teaching discipline or 18 graduate semester hours in their graduate program.
    • The teaching assistants will be required to register for GRAD 9001 (dates/times to be determined) or an approved alternative.
    • An additional Teacher of Record Appointment Form is to be completed and submitted to the Graduate College along with the curriculum vita and transcript. The Buckley Form should be submitted to the Registrar separately. Please see separate instructions for Teacher of Record enrollment.
  • Yes. Summer stipends from the Graduate College will be determined in the spring and are based on funds remaining in the university stipend budget.
  • GRA/GTA/GA projects should be allocated in support of graduate faculty scholarship or in support of the applied research needs of graduate programs, the Graduate College or the University. We also encourage graduate student involvement in extramurally funded research programs where state and federal funding agencies allow graduate stipends and tuition.
  • GRA/GTA/GAs should, in most cases, be assigned to work with faculty who hold Full or Provisional Graduate Faculty Status and are highly involved in graduate programs (e.g., faculty who teach, on average at least one graduate class each year and who are actively involved in scholarship endeavors within their respective programs.)


Hiring Procedure for a GRA/GTA/GA

  • The Graduate College will solicit project proposals from graduate faculty and will notify the faculty member that they have been awarded GRA/GTA/GAs.

  • There are two paths to finding a Graduate Student for an Assistantship position.

    1. You may have already identified a Graduate Student to fill an Assistantship position through the recruitment process or through knowledge of your students expertise while in the program.
    2. For graduate faculty that have not identified a student you may submit a description to be posted on the GRA Job Board

  • Once the faculty member has selected their student, the following procedure should be followed:

    • Verify that your candidate meets the qualifications to be a GRA/GTA:
      • has a GPA of 3.0 or better;
      • has not exceeded 24 waived course credits in an academic year, or has not reached or exceeded in waived course credits the number of hours required for the registered program;
      • returning GRA/GTAs must have satisfactory performance on previous assignments.
    • The Graduate College is responsible for providing to Business Services a Waiver Request Form that certifies all graduate students hired as Graduate Assistantship have met the qualifications of the program.
  • The hiring packet consists of the following forms, which can be accessed here:

    • Graduate Assistantship Contract & Approval Form
      • Includes all hiring information, contract language, and expectations of the Graduate Student.
    • SEPAF form
      • The Student Employment Personnel Action Form (SEPAF) must be completed. The SEPAF will be completed and signed by the Graduate Faculty Project Supervisor.
    • Teacher of Record (TOR) Appointment form and Authorization to Release Transcripts (for GTA’s only) – refer to Section 3, Overview of Graduate Assistantship Policies
  • Once signed by the Graduate Student and the Faculty Supervisor the paperwork may be scanned and emailed to The Graduate College at

  • All hiring deadlines can be found here. The completed paperwork may be submitted to the Office of the Graduate Dean when the application process is opened.
    GRA/GTA/GAs who register during Priority Registration but whose hiring documents are not received by the Priority Registration Deadline will be required to pay their tuition and wait for reimbursement at a later date, or have their classes dropped from their schedules. They may re-register as this period is normal registration.

  • The Graduate College will forward to the Bursar’s Office the waiver requests and appropriate documents to Human Resources for each GRA/GTA/GA. The Graduate College will notify the Graduate Program Directors of paperwork completion by sending a PDF copy of the final approval via email.

  • Orientation is mandatory for all students hired for assistantships and must be completed no later than the third day after the contract beginning date. Upon receipt of the approved Contract & Approval From by the Graduate Dean, the Graduate Faculty Project Supervisor or Program Director should instruct the GRA/GTAGA to contact HR by phone (470-578-6030) or e-mail ( and identify themselves as a "GRA/GTA/GA for the upcoming semester" to complete the hiring-in process. Please note that the GRA/GTA/GA cannot be paid until this mandatory final step has been completed. HR will conduct orientation sessions every Wednesday from 1:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. (drop-in only, for approximately 15 minutes).

  • It is important for the Graduate Faculty Project Supervisors to meet with their GRA/GTA/GA by the first week of classes and review the graduate project (i.e., based upon research or teaching expectations), review specific duties, and setup work hours. Graduate Program Directors and/or Graduate Faculty Project Supervisors should advise the Graduate Dean as soon as possible of any GRA/GTA/GA does not show or drops out so the appropriate termination paperwork can be initiated and forwarded to HR.

    • The GRA/GTA/GA will pay a special tuition rate of $25, plus all student fees, including the mandatory health insurance fee if required.
    • Tuition, both in-state and out-of-state, will be waived for a maximum of 12 credit hours for all GRA/GTA/GAs.
    • GRA/GTA/GAs will be responsible for the cost of any credit hours beyond the 12-hour maximum.
    • GRA/GTA/GA s enrolled in premium-priced graduate programs will pay all tuition/other costs of these programs in excess of the standard graduate program tuition waiver.
    • Additional online course tuition fees are now included in the tuition waiver.
    • Tuition will not be waived for undergraduate courses.
  • All GRA/GTA/GAs will be assessed the cost for mandatory health insurance. If the Graduate Assistant has insurance otherwise, a waiver of the health insurance may be applied for directly at the United Health Care’s website.
  • The GRA/GTA/GA will perform work as outlined in the project description and as instructed by the Graduate Faculty Project Supervisor who will also track hours worked. See this page for more details about the various categories and their descriptions.
  • The Graduate College will send a link to the Graduate Faculty Project Supervisor for online survey to evaluate the performance of the graduate student during the just completed semester. The Graduate Faculty Project Supervisor will be expected to complete the survey within two weeks.
    • The Graduate Faculty Project Supervisor will advise the Graduate Program Director and the Graduate College immediately if the GRA/GTA/GA fails to complete job requirements, and the Graduate Program Director will confer with the Graduate Dean about termination of the GRA/GTA/GA contract.
    • No separation paperwork is required when the GRA/GTA/GA completes the contract period as scheduled.
    • A student that resigns must present a written resignation letter to both the Graduate Faculty Project Supervisor and the Graduate Dean.

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