Graduate Program Coordinator Workshop

Workshop Overview: The Graduate Program Coordinators Workshop is an intensive academic leadership development program designed to support faculty charged with leading graduate programs. The 4-day workshop equips new program coordinators to successfully sustain and grow their respective programs. Session topics including but not limited to:

  • The Graduate College 101: The Players, Processes, and Plans
  • From CIP to FERPA: What You Must Know as a Graduate Program Coordinator
  • Who Pays for This? Funding Graduate Programs
  • From Application to Commencement – The Graduate Student Administrative Process
  • By the Numbers: Leveraging Data for Decision-Making
  • Charting the Path for Success: Developing a Strategic Marketing and Recruitment Plan

Each day will include informational sessions, group dialogue, and project-based activities selected to prepare new coordinators for their role. This onboard experience is recommended for new program coordinators and those serving within their first three years.

Participant Selection:  Interested Graduate Program Coordinators are required to submit an application endorsed by their department chair and college dean.  Participation is limited to current and new program coordinator eligible for a two-year program commitment and willing to make such a commitment.  Exceptions must be justified and endorsed by the program coordinator’s chair.  Participants will receive a $2,000 stipend for the June pay cycle (subject to 33 1/3 summer compensation limit).

Deliverables:  Participants will develop a strategic recruitment plan that reflects anticipated program growth, revenue targets, target markets, and program marketing and communication strategies.  Development of the plan will be initiated during the workshop and finalized in consultation with The Graduate College and the participants’ respective chairs and deans during the weeks following the workshop.  Complete plans must be received by The Graduate College no later than the required due date.  Additionally, program participants will have to participate in follow-up workshops/training/reporting during their service as a Graduate Program Coordinator.

Ongoing Expectations:  Participants are expected to maintain communication with The Graduate College regarding program performance, with the intent of identifying additional support resources as needed to meet performances targets.  Additionally, participants are expected to engage in the Graduate Council during the academic year.


Application Deadline – TBA

Decisions Notification – TBA

Workshop Dates – TBA


Please print and email the completed cover sheet to Dr. Jennifer Purcell at or via campus mail Attn: Dr. Jennifer Purcell, Kennesaw Hall, MD 0112.

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