Donations can now be made online directly to the The Graduate College either for scholarships or to support the programs and activities within The Graduate College.

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You can also contact the Office of Development at (470) 578-6027.


Scholarships are financial awards given to students who represent the high standards of Kennesaw State University. Some scholarships may be open to any student while others may have specific requirements on them. Scholarships may be restricted, at the donors discretion, to students enrolled in one of the graduate programs in The Graduate College. They may also be designated to support specific activities engaged in by graduate students, such as graduate research, or presentation at a conference. Scholarships may be Endowed, Annual or Support Scholarships.

  • Endowed Scholarships

      • At Kennesaw State University, a minimum gift of $20,000 is required to create an endowed scholarship. These funds are the principal, which will never be spent and exist in perpetuity to benefit students. A benefactor may choose to fully fund an endowment at the beginning or fund it over a period of three to five years. After the initial endowment, the benefactor, friends or family may continue to make gifts to build the endowment in order to benefit more students.
  • Annual Scholarships

      • A minimum gift of $1,000 is required to create an annual scholarship fund. The funds are awarded to students yearly. The fund may be renewed each year at the donor's discretion. Like the endowed funds, an annual fund may be named in honor of someone and the donor may provide criteria for the students who should benefit from the fund.
  • Support Scholarships

      • Donors may also select to make a contribution to scholarships without creating a fund. These gifts may be of any size and as with Endowed Scholarships or Annual Scholarships may be designated for scholarship funds in The Graduate College.

Friends of The Graduate College

In addition to scholarships, gifts will be accepted in support of programs within The Graduate College or in support of specific activities of The Graduate College. Alternatively, gifts may be made to a fund to be used at the discretion of the Dean in support of The Graduate College activities and events.

  • Current Friends of The Graduate College Support Events

    • Sponsorship Levels
    • Full Page:
      1x = $600
      2x = $1,100
      3x = $1,700
      4x = $2,200
    • 1/2 Page:
      1x = $300
      2x = $   500
      3x = $   800
      4x = $1,400
    • 1/4 Page:
      1x = $150
      2x = $   250
      3x = $   400
      4x = $   550

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