ABM Policies & Requirements

This program is intended for Kennesaw State University undergraduate students who plan to apply to a Kennesaw State graduate program. If qualified, this program will allow students to take graduate level courses while in the senior year of their undergraduate degree. These courses will count toward both the undergraduate and graduate program of study. The number of hours will depend on the individual programs of the student. There must be at least 150 unique hours between the two programs. 


  • Students applying for this program must: 
  • Complete Dual Credit Approval Form
  • Have a KSU Institutional GPA of 3.5 or higher
  • Be within 30 semester hours of graduation
  • Have completed at least 18 hours of coursework at Kennesaw State
  • Have permission of their undergraduate faculty advisor
  • Have permission of the graduate program coordinator
  • Satisfied all prerequisites for the graduate classes
  • Must earn a grade of “B” or better in graduate level courses in this program
  • Students taking 12 hours of undergraduate credit are allowed to take 3 hours of graduate credit per semester. If a student is taking 9 hours of undergraduate credit, they are allowed to take 6 hours of graduate credit per semester. All dependent on how many hours the student is allowed to take under the 150 unique hours rule.

Approval to take part in this program does not guarantee admission into The Graduate College. During the student's graduating semester they must apply for full admission into the graduate program by meeting all admission requirements for said graduate program.

ABM Application & Document Deadlines:

Fall semester July 1st; Spring semester Nov 1st; Summer semester Apr 1st

ABM Application

Dual Credit Substitution Form


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