Applied Engineering


The scope of electrical engineering technology has become very broad as the knowledge base and applications associated with this discipline continue to expand at an accelerating pace. The Master of Science degree is offered to meet the needs of individuals who wish to pursue advanced studies in modern electrical, electronic or computer technologies in order to fulfill their personal or career goals. There are four principal objectives to the graduate program in Engineering Technology:

  • To provide continuing in-depth technical education to individuals who hold an ABET-accredited baccalaureate degree in Electrical or Computer Engineering or Engineering Technology.

  • To provide advanced studies in electrical, electronic or computer technologies to help individuals advance in their chosen careers. These individuals may work as engineers, engineer/technologists, technical managers, independent consultants, or in similar professions.

  • To provide additional technical education to those individuals who desire to teach at the college, technical school, or high school level.

  • To provide an opportunity for practicing professionals, who possess an accredited baccalaureate degree in a related discipline, to shift their career path into the electrical, electronic or computer fields.

Each graduate student will pursue an individualized course of study within the guidelines of one of the programs listed below. The student and his/her academic adviser will identify the graduate courses that will comprise that student's course of study. The courses will be chosen to:

  • Meet the student's career goals.
  • Provide a high-quality educational experience for that student.
  • Satisfy the requirements of one of the programs

Admission to the Master of Science program with a major in Engineering Technology, Electrical Concentration, is open to persons holding the bachelor or higher degree in engineering, engineering technology, or a related degree from an accredited college.
Preference in admission will be given to applicants having professional experience in a technical work environment. The admission procedure is competitive in that students will be admitted only if their academic accomplishments and work experience demonstrate that they can successfully complete the program.


The program accepts applications for Fall, Spring and Summer; the deadline for Fall is July 1; for Spring November 1; for Summer July 1.

See the list of available start terms and document deadlines here. Please note that completed applications and all required credentials must be submitted by the posted deadline.


  1. Online Graduate Application - There is a non-refundable $60 application fee.
  2. Transcripts - Official transcripts from EACH College and/or University you have attended.  Must be in a sealed envelope from the institution or sent electronically from the institution directly to
  3. Official GRE scores OR alternative: You must submit an official copy of scores from the “General Test” of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) if applicable,

    or have attained an aggregate undergraduate GPA of 3.5
    or have a minimum of 4 years’ relevant work experience
    or have successfully completed the Fundamentals of Engineering exam.

  4. Statement of Purpose  (Can be uploaded into the online application) 
  5. Letters of Recommendation (3) - (Can be sent electronically through the online application)
  6. Resume (Can be uploaded into the online application)
  7. Successful applicants will have a Bachelors degree from an Electrical, Computer or Telecommunications Engineering program.