Study Abroad

Germany, France, Luxembourg

December 13-20, 2017

European Winter Academy

Sustainable Business: Economy, Environment, Sustainability

  • European Academy Otzenhausen

    Additional trips to Frankfurt, Saarbrucken, Trier, Germany; Luxembourg, Luxembourg; Strasbourg, France


  • Depart Atlanta: Wednesday, Dec 12, 5:50pm  Arrive Frankfurt Dec 13 8:50am

    Depart Frankfurt: Wednesday, Dec 20, 11:20am  Arrive Atlanta 4:04pm same day

    The KSU faculty will send you the flight itinerary (dates, times, flight numbers for departure and return) in advance so you can purchase tickets for the same dates, times and flight numbers if you want. If you decide to go to
    Germany earlier than the faculty's arrival in Germany, you will need to coordinate with the faculty in advance to arrange for a meeting point at the Frankfurt airport to join the group for the bus/train ride to the EAO. You cannot depart the EAO earlier than the end of the itinerary, but if you decide to stay in Germany for an extended period of time after the seminar and not fly back with the group, you will need to coordinate wight he faculty in advance so that KSU is aware of your travel plans. If you do not travel with the group, you will be responsible for your own
    ground transportation from/to the airport in Germany.

    Tentative Program Itinerary

  • This program will focus on sustainable business.  It has been developed in collaboration with the European Academic in Otzenhausen (EAO) in Germany, the Southern Federal University in Rostov, Russia, and the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld, Germany.

    Program Goals:

    • To demonstrate an understanding of sustainability as it relates to financial markets and the economy
    • To identify frameworks for sustainable business
    • To articulate various dimensions of sustainability

    Click here for tentative itinerary

  • $1,800

    The program fee includes:

    • Payment for housing (accommodations in double rooms at the EAO - dorm style housing)
    • Meals in Germany (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and breaks) - there will be four meals that will be "on your own" will on site visits - student will be responsible for those meals.
    • Ground transport during the seminar for program related events; also, pick up and drop off at Frankfurt Airport
    • Academic Content
    • Seminar staff and lecturers remuneration

    There is a university mandated insurance fee (about $15.00)

    Tuition is paid separately. 

    Cost is subject to change.

    Students should be eligible for the $1,000 Global Learning Scholarship.  See next item for details.

  • Eligible KSU students who completes and reports 5 hours of community service via the online GLS application by November 15th and submits the Education Abroad Financial Aid Acknowledgment Form to the Office of Financial Aid will receive the Global Learning Scholarship ($1,000) for this program pending availability of funds. As such, please complete your GLS application as soon as able and prior to the deadline. Note that the application period for Spring 2018 programs is between September 20th and November 15th, 2017. Please visit for more information.

    KSU students must apply for the Global Learning Scholarship here in order to receive it for any education abroad program.

  • Students will stay at the EAO dorms.  Several KSU faculty and students have stayed in these accommodations for programs at the EAO in the past.  The rooms are double occupancy.


  • During pre-departure orientations, students will receive information on health considerations, travel safety, money matters abroad, cultural adjustment, cross-cultural immersion and sensibility, student responsibilities and course requirements.

    The U.S Department of State offers excellent travel, health and safety information for specific countries.
    For up-to-date information on Germany, please visit:
    For up-to-date information on France, please visit: For up-to-date information on Luxembourg, please visit:

    The Center for Disease Control also provides useful information for travelers and a list of vaccinations and/or health concerns for specific countries:

    Medical Facilities
    Hospital St. Josefs-Krankenhaus, Hermeskeil, Koblenzer Straße 23, 54411 Hermeskeil, Tel: +49 6503 810.
    Police station Türkismühle, Trierer Straße 43, 66625 Nohfelden, Tel: +49 6852 9090
    Les Hôpitaux Universitaires de Strasbourg, 1 place de l'hôpital, BP 426, 67091 Strasbourg cedex, Tel: +33 3 88 11 67 68. Hôtel de police de Strasbourg. 34, route de l'Hôpital, Tel: +33 3 90 23 17 17
    67022 Strasbourg

    • Students can be from any program where the Graduate Program Director/Coordinator feels the content is appropriate.  Click here for tentative itinerary with seminars.
    • The student and program complete the Directed Study/Research Abroad Application.
    • The program and the student should work out learning objectives and an assignment that their grade will be based on. The program director will assign the grade.
    • The student will register for a Directed Study, for Spring semester, within their program, with the support and approval of the program.
    • Upon return, the student and program should meet to discuss completion of assignment for grade. Program turns in grade with Spring semester grades.
  • November 1, 2017
  • To begin the approval process, please complete the pre-screening form.

    David Baugher, Senior Assistant Dean


To begin the approval process, please complete the pre-screening form.


 December in Germany means Christmas Markets, (Weihnachtsmarkt)! We will several while on this trip.

Trier  marketStrasbourg strasbourg