Graduate Assistant Request Scoring Rubric

The committee reviewing the Request for Graduate Assistants will use the following scoring rubric to evaluate requests.

  • Area of Evaluation
    Does Not Meet Expectations
    Meets Expectations
    Exceeds Expectations
  • Duties of the Graduate Student
    Primary job duties appear to be clerical or administrative in nature.
    Primary job duties require application of knowledge or skills requiring a bachelor’s degree or higher.
    Primary job duties require knowledge or skills at a bachelor’s degree or higher and are directly related to the student’s graduate degree program.
  • How will the student be evaluated?
    No evaluation listed or poorly developed evaluation method.
    Stated evaluation method is specific, sufficient, and appropriate.
    Evidence listed suggests student will receive ongoing feedback based on incremental production goals.
  • What is the benefit to the student?
    No stated benefit or no evidence of benefit to the student.
    The student benefits by acquiring knowledge or skills that may be used in a variety of ways to advance professionally.
    The student’s duties and the project benefit the student directly in his or her specific graduate program and/or professional goals.
  • What is the benefit of this project to the university?
    No stated benefit or no evidence of benefit to the university.
    The stated benefit meets a strategic goal of KSU or one of its colleges and will elevate the university in a broader community.
    The project specifically targets external grant(s) or project(s) related to the University’s graduate or research mission.

Additionally, faculty members supervising graduate students must be a member of the Graduate Faculty or have permission to supervise graduate students.  If you need to apply for Graduate Faculty status, please use this link.